April 16 2018

CSS and Jquery Android click Ripple effect look like

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Below are showing example Android click Ripple effect with CSS3 and Jquery.
Below was 2 example:
Example 1
Example 2

October 03 2017

Javascript display money format

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Sometimes we need using javascript to display money format in our system but javascript don’t have this kind of function. So we need to write a function to convert number to money format.

October 02 2017

Javascript get compass direction with the two longitude and latitude

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Just develop a project with IONIC and google map to tracking the transport routing. Because the google map wouldn’t rotate itself when the transport moving. It will confuse the user when they look at the map.

So I need to rotate the map to let navigation always facing to top. It will easy user to understand when they look at the map.

August 29 2016

check if a string is JSON in Javascript

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In javascript it don’t have function to check if the string is JSON. So we may need to write a function to check the string if is JSON.

The below function is to check the string and it will return true if the string is JSON else it will return false.

June 19 2016

Javascript convert MSAccess color code to Hex color code

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Because CSS not support MSAccess color code. If want use the MSAccess color code as color display on web. We need change the code to Hexadecimal Code.

August 04 2014

Joomla tinyMCE adding image with full path or full absolute urls

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To set tinyMCE editor to full path or full absolute urls, inside tinyMCE.init add the “relative_urls” params to and set the value to “false“. Because this option is set to true by default.
relative_urls : false,
But in Joomla you are not allow directly change the javascript params to false. But you can pass the params in PHP when calling it.

Below is the example how to set the “relative_url” to false. and it work on Joomla2.5
$editor = JFactory::getEditor();
$params = array('relative_urls' => '0');
echo $editor->display('wrapper4_editor', $this->wrapper4content['content'], '100%', '400px', '', '', true,null, null, null, $params);

April 20 2014

Javascript HTML select option display table

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Normally HTML Select option only can display one column data only. But if we want display more then one column as below and how we can do it?
multiple option

The answer is, default HTML Select Option is cannot do it.

To built multiple column Select Option, we need use javascript and css to complete this advanced Select Option.

January 09 2014

example of Yii autocomplete

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Because I didn’t found any example of Yii autocomplete function. particularly showing how to fetched data via a server request.

For the widget function in view:
$this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiAutoComplete', array(
  'name' => 'username',
  'value' => $model->username,
  'sourceUrl' => array('user/getusername'),//path of the controller
  'options' => array(
    'minLength' => '1', // min chars to start search
    'select' => '' // when the value selected

Now, we start create the getusername action in the UserController file.

January 20 2013

Jquery Array Key Search

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How to using jQuery search the array key or check for a key exists in an array.

Since JavaScript doesn’t really have associative arrays, then we only write a function to check.

January 20 2013

Jquery Static Array

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Use a short code to get a value from the database the easy way is using Ajax.

But the short code and value are fixed, we keep it in database is for future reuse it.

So I use another way to get the value. That is an array. use array key find the value.