February 13 2014

ASP.net MVC Model add a new field

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After add extra field inside the Model. I get an error message when I run the application.

The error message as below:
The model backing the 'MyContext' context has changed since the database was created.
It was because the Model was different with Database field. And now, you need rebuild the Database structure again.

The solution is:
1. Open Package Manager Console from Tools -> Libraray Package Manager -> Package Manager Console
2. PM> Enable-Migrations -ContextTypeName <TheDatabaseName>
3. Set AutomaticMigrationsEnabled=true, from Migrations folder of Configuration file
4. PM> Add-Migration InitialCreate
5. PM> Update-Database
Now try run the application again. it will work fine and updated to the new Model.

Or you can use another way to solve the problem.

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