March 04 2014 summary of return Action Result type

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There are different type of results that are available in MVC. When create new controller, they will come with actions by default. The Empty controller includes an Index action with a return value of type ActionResult. ActionResul class is the base class for all action results.

There are different ActionResult types explained below.
ActionResult Method Description
ViewResult View Renders a view as a web page
PartialViewResult PartialView Section of a view,that can be rendered inside another view
RedirectResult Redirect Redirect to another action method
RedirectToRouteResult RedirectToRoute Redirect to another action method
ContentResult Content Returns a user-defined content type
JsonResult Json Retuns a serialized JSON object
JavaScriptResult JavaScript Returns a script that can be executed on the client
FileResult File Returns a binary output to write to the response
EmptyResult returns a null result

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